ACTC Touring Class
Do you want to experience the freedom of self-supported touring? Need some help getting started with the right equipment?
Looking for a supportive environment? Then join us for a couple of great weekend tours.

Introducing the new touring class

Our touring class is not just for those new to touring but also for experienced tourers to keep informed on new innovations in equipment and materials.

This course will provide an Introduction to Bike Touring. Tony Le will introduce you to the various types of touring then dive into his favorite tour - the self-supported tour. He'll show you his ideal touring bike and equipment. In our 2nd class, we will take a close look into equipment, evaluate your individual bikes, and give you suggestions on your own touring set-up. You'll even have a chance to test some of the equipment on your bike or another bike. In our final class, we will take a 10-plus mile group ride; you can use borrowed or your own equipment to test your setup.

These Saturday classes are scheduled for November 11, 18, and December 2, 2023. Class starts at 9am and will last about four hours. The class format is a combination of lectures, demonstrations and test rides. We have timed these sessions to coincide with the big holiday sales events so that you can take advantage of special pricing for any needed equipment.

Once you've completed this comprehensive course, you'll be ride-ready for the Spring touring season.

If you are ready to sign-up, just click on this link and complete the enrollment form.


​ACTC Academy offers a Bicycle Touring Course once a year during the summer months. he course consists of four classes which includes two overnight stays.

The goal of the course is to provide a comprehensive overview of bike touring and its variations, familiarize the student with the essential equipment and clothing needs unique to bike touring, provide practice and experience in packing and riding a fully loaded bike, and participate in the planning and riding of both a credit-card style tour and a fully self-supported ride.

This class is not only for those who are interested in touring or new to touring. It is also geared to keep the experienced rider up-to-date on equipment innovations and touring trends.


We hold two meetings:

  1. a lecture and demo,
  2. lecture, problem solving, and a practice ride with equipment.

We do two tours, an overnight at a hostel and a self-contained camping adventure. Sign up for one or both.


Course requirements

Participants must be a current Active member of ACTC and at least 18 years of age. To check you ACTC membership or to join the club, just click here.


The Tuition fee for the Bicycle Touring Course is $25. The fee is applied to the overnight expenses and is non-refundable once you have attended the first class. Each student will be responsible for individual overnight expenses and meals.

Class Size is limited to 10 students.


To enroll, simply send an email requesting enrollment into the Touring Course with your contact information to the Academy Registrar at

What you need for the first class

  • Cycling helmet
  • Your touring bike-in good working order, see note below
  • Unpacked bags/panniers-only, see note below
  • Lunch or snack and water

NOTE: If you do not own a touring bike, panniers, or any other touring specialty gear, we recommend that you plan your purchase after the first class and before the second class. The initial meeting is designed to give you information that will aid in the selection of appropriate equipment that will meet your touring needs.

About our Instructors

All Academy staff and instructors are experienced and qualified volunteers. The 2023 course will be led by Tony Le.

Tony is an enthusiastic road biker and experienced in bike touring. From classic touring with panniers, to a folding Bike Friday with a trailing suitcase, and to the latest bikepacking gravel bike, Tony has been going on bicycle adventures for over three decades. Learn to pack for a weekend trip on a bicycle and it will open doors to the whole world. From local trips to Grant Ranch, Santa Cruz, Monterey, or Russian River, from the San Juan Islands, along our beautiful Pacific Coast, from the French Alps and Pyrenees to the Italian Dolomites, when you tour by bicycles, the world is on your side.

Tony Le is the current President of ACTC and a League Cycling Instructor (LCI) certified by the League of American Bicyclists.


  • Q: I would like to start touring, but the rides sound too challenging. Will there be easy options?
  • A: We will try to be flexible based on the abilities of the students that sign up. If you have a particular concern, please contact us.

  • Q: Will I need a new bicycle?
  • A: Probably not. There are more options today than ever before to transform most bikes into semi-touring bikes.

  • Q: Is there any equipment available that I can borrow?
  • A: The club has four panniers and a front rack and there are some club members willing to rent their trailers.

  • Q: Will we reschedule classes or tours in case of bad weather?
  • A: The self-contained camping trip can be rescheduled but not the hostel. We discuss this further in class.