ACTC Academy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The twelve-class course (Bike Driving 1 to 12) consists of three four-class Modules. The curriculum combines lectures, demonstrations, practice, and supervised rides.

The ACTC Academy course is based on the principle of "Rules of the Road Cycling" which teaches to ride a bike following the same principles of driving a vehicle.

To enroll in the ACTC Bike Driving Academy, applicants must:

  • be a member of Almaden Cycle Touring Club;
  • be at least 14 years old, and, if under 18 years old, be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is enrolled as a student in the same Module;
  • have a multi-speed bike (7 or more gears) in good working condition;
  • wear a CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) approved helmet;
  • be able to ride at least 10 miles in one hour without getting exhausted; and
  • pay the applicable tuition for the Module.

Yes, but while Class 1 and Class 3 (pedal-assist) electric bikes are welcomed, Class 2 electric bikes are not permitted on ACTC rides including the Academy rides. Please contact the ACTC Bike Driving Academy Registrar if you plan on riding an E-Bike.

The Academy Registrar must receive the student enrollment application and tuition at least one week before the first class starts.

You can find the applicable tuition in the Enrollment section. In addition, all academy students must become members of ACTC.

An applicant may start in Bike Driving 4, if the applicant has a certificate from League of American Bicyclists (Traffic Skills 101, Smart Cycling) or equivalent as determined by the Academy Chancellor.

To be enrolled in Bike Driving Modules 2 & 3, all students must have graduated from the previous Module.

You can miss one class in Module 2 or Module 3, but it depends on which one you will be missing.

Module 1: Attendance of all four classes, taken in order, is required to graduate.

Modules 2 & 3: Attendance of the first class is required. You may miss one class and still graduate. Students who miss more than one class are welcome to attend the remaining class but will not graduate. Missing classes can be made up within one year (two sessions) to graduate.

Missed classes cannot be made up by “doing the ride” during the week. All students are expected to be riding during the week.

No. Modules must be completed in a specific order:

  • Module 1 (BD 1-4)
  • Module 2 (BD 5-8)
  • Module 3 (BD 9-12)

Yes. Students do not need to take a Modules immediately after completing the previous Module.

If more than a year (two sessions) has passed since attending Module 1, the student will need to attend the Mastering the Road presentation before continuing with Module 2. To enroll in Module 3 after more than one year since completing Module 2, attending the Mastering the Road presentation (BD 4) is required.

Certificates of completion are awarded to students who successfully meet the requirements of each Module.

An ACTC Academy “Graduation” Patch is awarded to students who meet the completion requirements of Module 3 AND complete the Graduation Ride (or equivalent, as determined by the Chancellor).

Students must have with them at all times:

  • A bicycle meeting the Academy requirements
  • A helmet meeting the Academy requirements
  • One or more water bottles or a hydration pack
  • A tire pump (for their bike’s tubes)
  • At least one spare inner tube (fitting their bike's wheels, even for tubeless tires)
  • A tube patch kit (even if their tires contain self-sealant)
  • A set of tire levers
  • Tools to remove your wheels (if their bike does not have quick release wheels)

Any exceptions require the approval of the Academy Chancellor. But no exceptions will be made for the mandatory attendance at Bike Driving 4, Mastering the Road presentation.

Please contact the Academy Registrar for details.

Please contact the Academy Registrar