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Twelve weeks of cycling instruction for adults who want to become competent cyclists. The course consists of two six-week modules: Bike Driving I and Bike Driving II.

Class size is limited.

See the Calendar for start dates.

The next Academy will start at the end of Febuary 2021. See you there.

Do you want to:

Student Photo Video by Scott Franks

The curriculum consists of lectures, demonstrations, practice, and supervised rides. (See Curriculum, left menu)

ACTC Academy Faculty is composed of experienced and qualified volunteer instructors many of whom are graduates of the Academy; several are League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructors (LCI).


Prospective students:

Enrollment is open to everyone, but students must be members of ACTC at the time of the first class. If you are not yet a member, you may download the ACTC membership application from the club website. Fill it out and mail it to the PO Box on the form.

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