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ACTC Academy Policies

Policies for: “Bike Driving”

Course Structure

The Road Bike Riding course consists of two sessions:

  1. Bike Driving I (BDI)
  2. Bike Driving II (BDII)

Each session consists of six classes.

Enrollment in sessions

For the Bike Driving I, the registrar must receive the student enrollment application and tuition at least one week before the session starts. Tuition from continuing students for Bike Driving II is acceptable at the first class.


To enroll in“Bike Driving I” Students must:

An applicant may start in Bike Driving I - class 4, if the applicant has a League of American Bicyclist Traffic Skills 101 Certificate.

To be enrolled in Bike Driving II, students must have completed Bike Driving I.

The Academy reserves the right to disenroll or not accept a student.

Course Attendance

Bike Driving I - Attendance is mandatory for each of the first four classes to continue. Important instructions are presented during each class and must be understood in order to continue with the course. A student may miss either class 5 or 6 but not both and still complete the course.

Bike Driving II - One missed class is allowed, with the exception of:

Missed classes cannot be made up by “doing the ride” during the week. All students are expected to be riding during the week.

Session Completion Order

Students do not need to take Bike Driving II immediately after Bike Driving I. If more than a year has passed since attending Bike Driving I, the student will need to attend the Mastering the Road presentation before continuing with Bike Driving II. Sessions must be completed in a specific order:

  1. Bike Driving I
  2. Bike Driving II

Course Completionof Each Section:

Certificates of completion are awarded to students who successfully meet the requirements of each session.

An ACTC Academy “Graduation” Patch is awarded to students who meet the completion requirements of Bike Driving II AND do the Graduation Ride (or equivalent, as determined by the Chancellor). A patch will not be given to anyone not completing the graduationride.

On the Road Riding:

Students must have with them at all times:

Exceptions to the above:

Exceptions to the above: Require the approval of the Academy chancellor, except attendance at Bike Driving I Mastering the Road presentation, which is mandatory.

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