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ACTC Academy Calendar

The calendar is published once a year around the Dec/Ja time frame.

If you don't see a current calendar for the Spring sessio or have any questions please contact Helaine Green, Academy Dea of Registratio at

Bike Driving I is abbreviated BDI and Bike Driving II is abbreviated BDII. The approximate mileage for each ride is listed i parenthesis i.e. BDI 1 (10). Other informatio may be included for staff purposes.

Classes start at 8:30 sharp. Please do not disrupt the class by being late. End times are approximate. More informatio will be give at the first class.

Rai or heat may cause a class to be postponed and the calendar to be pushed out. If you are starting with BDII, please verify with the Registrar that the start of BDII has not bee delayed.

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